Our Mission:

to empower and enable adaptive athletes of all abilities to move free of limitation.

Hand Made is a group of engineers, experts and outdoor enthusiasts who spend days dreaming about how to get adaptive athletes back to doing what they love–being active. We make groundbreaking products by putting real people at the center of our designs. The goal is to create prosthetics that make people move and feel better, both inside and out.

We’re also a public benefit corporation, meaning we are committed to providing value for not just for our stakeholders, but also for the greater good. We aim to build a company and a community that increases abilities for its users and strengthens ties between them.

The products we make are powerful, but they’re also empowering. And they encourage us to keep working hard, every day, to break new barriers.


The day before Hand Made founder Braden Leonard lost his right hand to flesh-eating bacteria, he was an active athlete and a veteran fireman. It was on a regular trip mountain biking when he was thrown from his bike, hit a tree and ended up with a thorn in his hand. He chalked it up to a rough day on the trails and headed home.

But what initially seemed like a small accident landed Braden in a medically induced coma in a matter of hours. The thorn had infected his bloodstream with necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria), which was doing quick work of shutting his body down. He was given a 30% chance of survival. If they amputated his hand, it might stem the infection, but there were no promises.

Luckily, Braden beat the odds and woke up a week later. He lost his right hand, his job and his sense of normalcy, but he had his life.

At this point in the story, many amputees adapt their life to include their prosthetic, but Braden insisted on finding something that would fit his active lifestyle. He tried (and broke) many devices before realizing he wouldn’t find one to meet his demands–so he built one himself.

During this process, other engineers and athletes joined Braden’s project, and Team Hand Made was born. Today, they are innovating new ways to create stronger, better prosthetics using state-of-the-art technology.