Our Gear


Our gear is currently being designed, cut, milled, 3D printed or (even more likely) being beaten to bits on a trail somewhere–all to ensure it will handle the toughest conditions you can put it through. In other words, our gear is coming soon


our gear is coming soon.


In the meantime, if you think being a test pilot for one of our devices sounds like fun, reach out to us here. We’ll try to get you outfitted in no time.

For Prosthetists




A pin lock system transferring the residual limb’s natural pronation and supination to the socket.

Pro Lock is used with custom liners



A mechanical wrist with bearing enabled free rotation under load and lockable every 10 degrees.
Used in conjunction with our proprietary custom liners.

Twist Wrist works with any existing terminal device



A prosthetic terminal device enabling connection to any handlebar, and easy twist-off detachment.